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Asana refers to the physical practices of Hatha Yoga which trace their origins to the medieval saint Matsyendranath. Practicing asanas relieves stress, enhances immunity, prevents lifestyle diseases and increases both strength and flexibility. It is a great way to improve one’s overall health, at any life stage, without the need of any equipment. However, the aim of Hatha Yoga Asanas is not limited just to healing our diseases or improving our fitness. When done mindfully with awareness of the breath, Asanas become especially powerful for our emotional as well as spiritual development. While overtly a part of the physical routine, they impact both body and mind and prepare us for improved concentration as well as long hours of sitting, both essential for meditation practices. Hatha Yoga Asanas are important for building a strong foundation with focus on basics, before moving on to advanced yogic practices. Read this section to learn about various yoga asanas, their benefits, common mistakes, corrections and how to incorporate them in daily practice.