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Jnana loosely translates as knowledge and specifically the right knowledge. It’s not limited to the physical and material aspects as those can be deceptive. It’s the discretion to separate the real from the unreal, truth from untruth. It is an important part of Yoga as we need both knowledge and practice to make progress. Through practice we condition our physical and mental body for higher practices of Yoga. Through knowledge we ensure we stay on the right path and don’t get mislead. There are many ways to gain true knowledge, through Satsang (spiritual discourses), reading scriptures or philosophy, but mostly through self-experience in meditation. At Yoganama we believe that everyone’s spirituality is different and journey unique so our goal is to share an unbiased view of yoga. This section aims to bring greater understanding of yogic concepts, different types of yoga, it also covers Yoga Sutras, ancient philosophy as well as various preliminary meditative practices to improve concentration.