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Prana is a derivative of the eternal universal energy and is the life force that keeps us and the entire creation alive. It is that which runs the fan, the car or the television and the same Prana also runs us. It is that electric, magnetic, cosmic energy principle which when combined with the element of space, caused the universe itself to come into existence. The very sound of creation Aum itself is Pranava ~ that which is eternal. If we’re healthy we will have great amounts of Pranic energy which reflects in general vitality, glowing skin, high immunity and overall stamina. One of the most potent ways for us to generate Prana is through the air as we breathe, thus Prana is often synonymous with breath. We can also make it by exposure to the sun or by consuming the right kind of food. In this section, we cover the subject of Breath, Subtle Bodies and delve deeper into Pranayama Practices.