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Sattva is one of the three Gunas or qualities of nature and it represents purity, balance and harmony. Gunas are essentially three cosmic forces through which nature functions and manifests itself. Rajas (passion, activity) and Tamas (destruction, darkness) are the other two gunas and the interplay of all three is the underlying basis of all life and matter. Everything around us, from living beings to inanimate objects, exists because of these three qualities in varying proportions. Gunas are dynamic with each constantly competing for supremacy over the other two and they increase or decrease through factors like our lifestyle, the company we keep and the food we eat. We cannot eliminate any guna and therefore to increase Sattva, we need to reduce Rajas and Tamas. This section is your resource for how to lead a Sattvic life, as inspired by ancient wisdom. Here we focus on the two most critical factors that impact our wellbeing – food and lifestyle.