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Yoga, Ayurveda and Philosophy for everyday life. 

Yoganama is your comprehensive resource for everything Yoga. Get tips for a healthy lifestyle, learn basic to advanced Asanas and explore the ancient philosophy of India. It is a repository of information and tools to help in your journey towards good health and mindfulness. Whether a beginner or advanced practitioner, you can use Yoganama to further strengthen your practice and enhance your knowledge and understanding of this ancient science.

We help you do this through our four core values:


We believe that the practice of ‘yoga’ begins long before we get on to the mat and it continues throughout our life. In a world rife with stress and lifestyle diseases, we are constantly struggling between the extremes of hyper activity and dullness. What we need instead is lightness, purity and harmony and that is the quality of Sattva. By embracing Sattva, we address the root cause of all our ailments and create a strong foundation for our Yoga journey. This section is your resource for ways to live a healthy life, as inspired by ancient wisdom. Here we focus on two of the most critical factors that impact our wellbeing – good food and righ lifestyle.

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Asana refers to the physical practices which are a part of Hatha Yoga. In its early days, asana practice was an esoteric tradition primarily followed by ascetics. But as its various health benefits came into the mainstream it reached a larger audience. Here, we delve deeper into these Asanas and Kriyas (purification practices), Mudras (hand gestures) and Bandhas (body locks). We firmly believe in the traditional teachings of old masters and love to explore ancient books and ashrams to bring our experience to you. Read this section to learn about various yoga postures, their benefits and how to incorporate them in daily practice.

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Prana is a derivative of the eternal energy that keeps us and the universe alive. We are all born with a certain amount of Prana which forms the basis of our constitution and personality. Like physical energy, it decreases when we act or think and increases through yogic practices. Physically, Prana translates into high energy levels, immunity and vitality. We can generate Prana through the air we breathe, by exposure to the sun or by consuming the right kind of food. Prana generated through air is the most potent and powerful form, hence in this section we delve deeper into the subject of breath, subtle bodies and pranayama practices.

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Jñāna loosely translates as knowledge which also includes awareness of truth ~ about us and the universe. Jnana is especially important because we require both knowledge as well as practice to advance in Yoga. We can gain knowledge or information through satsang (spiritual discourses/company of wise men), self-experience or reading scriptures. At Yoganama we believe that everyone’s spirituality is individual and every journey unique so our goal is to share an unbiased view of yoga. This section covers Yoga Sutras, ancient philosophy, vedic concepts as well as various preliminary meditative practices to improve concentration.

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Namaste! I am Namita and thank you for visiting Yoganama.

Yoganama has been started to preserve and share the true teachings of Yoga in keeping with its ancient traditions. We hope to make true yoga accessible to everyone, at all life stages and from all walks of life.

I spent over a decade, from management trainee to business head, with some of the world’s leading financial services MNCs including Citibank, Aviva and Generali before finding my calling in the ancient teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. I have practiced various styles across different schools, spent significant time in Mysore, India to deepen my knowledge and am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher (RYT 200) with over 700 hours of Asana training. I’m also an avid reader and deeply invested in exploring yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, ancient scriptures and related texts. As a teacher, my approach is traditional with strong focus on the breath and complemented by the teachings of Yoga Sutras; I consider Yoga as a way to truly bring transformation and take us closer to discovering our true purpose.

I am an MBA in Finance & Marketing and Maths (Honors) graduate. I am certified in plant based nutrition from Cornell and Pranic Healing from MCKS (Level 3). I have explored medieval healing and art history (University of Cambridge) and Vipassana meditation (Igatpuri, India). I am also an avid traveller, experimental vegan and vegetarian cook, animal lover, dedicated health and wellness enthusiast, in love with nature and everything natural.

For me, all of this has come together in Yoganama and I hope to make it a holistic resource and destination for everything Yoga. I look forward to connecting and you can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.