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Deepen your understanding of Kapalbhati breathing with this book and get answers to some commonly asked questions on this practice. 

  1. What is Kapalbhati
  2. What are its benefits
  3. The correct technique for inhalation and exhalation, tips for beginners and common mistakes
  4. Which posture and mudra is best for doing Kapalbhati
  5. Some common FAQs like why do I get dizzy after the practice? Can people with GERD do i? 
  6. Helpful YouTube video links

This eBook is a comprehensive guide to the practice of Kapalbhati and includes a step by step guide along with links to relevant videos, tips, precautions, FAQs and a whole lot more.

AuthorNamita Piparaiya
SubjectYoga and Pranayama

Yoga For Senior Citizens

In this book, we talk about ageing and how yoga can help us stay active, healthy, independent, and happy, irrespective of how many candles are on our birthday cake. By making small changes to our lifestyle, and by letting go of preconceived notions about old age, we can completely change our experience of ageing. The focus of this eBook is to share how to use yoga to your advantage in the golden phase of life.

AuthorNamita Piparaiya
SubjectYoga and Pranayama


  1. Which type of yoga should I practice to have more energy during the day?
  2. Is there a yoga pose to improve my confidence?
  3. Why am I not able to lose weight?
  4. How can I wake up early for meditation?

The answer to all of the above questions and most of our modern-day problems lies in small, but permanent, lifestyle changes. Instead, we often seek answers in quick fixes that promise instant gratification with minimal effort or investment.

In this book, I share different ways in which one can apply yoga, and philosophy to one’s everyday life, beyond the realms of asanas, recipes and dogma.

AuthorNamita Piparaiya
SubjectYoga and Pranayama