Rediscover Your Energy and Vitality with ‘Regain Your Spark’ Find out More
Rediscover Your Energy and Vitality with ‘Regain Your Spark’ Find out More


Relevant and well-researched articles on Yoga, Ayurveda, and Philosophy for everyday life.

Understanding your Ayurvedic Prakriti and Vikriti

Understanding your Ayurvedic Personality type or Prakriti is essential to living your best life. Read more to find out how.

Should you quit your job to become a yoga teacher?

Pursuing your passion sounds romantic and exciting, but the reality can differ widely from what you may expect.
How to choose a personal planner

How to choose the perfect planner for your needs

One of the best time to set new goals are Mondays, first of the month or start of the year. And one...

7 Tricks to wake up early in the morning

If you genuinely want to start waking up early up but have been struggling to do so, then you’re at the right...
uttanpadasana, supine leg raises

What is NSDR technique and what are its benefits

Sunder Pichai, the Indian origin CEO of Google, recently shared that while he values the benefits of meditation, he struggles with the...
Corporate Wellness Programs, Corporate Wellness India, Yoganana, Namita Piparaiya

Corporate Wellness in India

Did you know that employees were spending more time in front of their computers while working from home than when they did...
yoganama, half split, namita piparaiya

Busting myths around back pain and how yoga can help

A few years ago, I noticed my aunt had a major deformity in the knee. When I asked her about it she...
Single Leg balance, Warrior III, Yoganama, Namita Piparaiya,

Yoga for Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common condition which can be debilitating as it eats into our time and reduces our quality of life....
namaste, yoganama, namita piparaiya

Can you practice inversions or do yoga during periods?

I had been regularly going for walks for many months. Until one day I woke up feeling low on energy. As my...

How to do Kapalbhati Breathing

What is Kapalbhati Kapalbhati is a powerful cleansing technique technique which has been and practiced in India at least since the medieval...
yin yoga, types of yoga

What are the different types of Yoga

In a yoga studio, you're bound to find many type of yoga styles listed and it can be daunting to select one....
Yogini, Mysore,

A yogini’s boyfriend in Mysore

Guest post by my then boyfriend and now husband Rishi. He wrote this satirical piece in 2016 when I had gone to...
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