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Ayurveda believes that every person has their own unique blueprint as no two people are alike. Therefore, there cannot be just one standard diet or lifestyle or yoga routine which can work for everyone. This unique blueprint is called our Ayurvedic Personality Type or Constitution or Dosha.

Doshas are nothing but the condensed form of five elements of nature: they are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Vata is primarily Air, Kapha is water and Pitta is Fire. All of us are born with a specific proportion of these doshas which was actually decided at the time of conception itself! And that specific doshic mix is called our Prakriti or the constitution that we were born with. As long as we live in harmony with this constitution we can maintain good health and live a productive life. But when we start going against our true nature by following a poor lifestyle, eating the wrong food, ignoring our instincts, and so on, we destroy our internal harmony and imbalance the doshas. Doshas can be rebalanced through diet, herbs, lifestyle, and also Yoga therapy.

The Yoganama Dosha Quiz can help you identify your Dosha Prakriti or unique Personality type through a series of questions that try and assess your physical structure, your overall health as well as your mindset. Please try and answer these questions as honestly as possible so you can get more accurate results.

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