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What is Yoganama?

Yoga for complete mind-body reset.

Yoganama is founded by former banker and Yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle specialist, Namita Piparaiya. At Yoganama, my goal is to empower you with simple and effective techniques that can help you build a wholesome, healthy, and positive lifestyle. So whether you are here to practice with my videos, are considering online yoga classes, or simply browsing the blog, I am confident that you will find helpful resources for a happy & healthy lifestyle!

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About Namita

Banker Turned Yogi

Namita Piparaiya is a Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle Specialist and the founder of Yoganama. A former corporate executive, she spent over a decade, from management trainee to business head, with leading MNCs including Citibank, Aviva, and Generali before finding her true calling in Yoga.


Namita’s videos are on Tata Sky, Voot, DisneyPlus Hotstar, and Cure Fit.


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What people say about us
  • Stronger, fitter, happier and more at peace than I’ve ever been; that is what training with Namita helped me achieve. Namita’s yoga sessions are transformative and follow a wholesome approach. Each session is a sequence of well-thought-out, beautifully and scientifically structured asana flows aimed at greater mind-body connection. Finding Namita, and for being able to practice Yoga under her guidance, I’ll forever be eternally grateful.

    Arpita Bahuguna, Bangalore
    IT Professional
  • I am a mom of two kids and I started Namita’s classes during the middle of Pandemic and absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed the sequence which Namita offered as it helped me build my stamina post-partum. She provides modifications if you don’t have props or are unable to do the posture which makes the practice really worthwhile. I am continuing to come back as I get personal attention which is difficult to find here in the US.

    Honey Dayani, San Francisco
  • I am a banker by profession and have been into yoga off and on, but never in the true sense of mind, body, and soul until I found Namita. She takes great effort in putting her classes together – giving each one personal attention and never holding you to any pre-set standard, thus allowing you to flow and evolve freely. I for one have seen significant improvements in my flexibility, breathing, and overall well-being in just 4 months with her. 

    Priyancka Paul, Mumbai
  • I usually CrossFit, run, etc but the lockdown forced me to switch to working out indoors. As I enjoyed Namita’s videos on the Cult Fit and was looking for more I joined her zoom classes. I’m happy to say I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of instructions and the meticulous programming of her classes. The personal attention received despite it being an online class and her encouragement is a great comfort. 

    Rajiv Bazaz
  • I had dabbled in yoga but seeing Namita on Instagram made me want to become regular. Her approach to the practice is deeply calming. She understands the difficulties, explains the reasons behind the practice, and makes us feel very comfortable. I really like that she caters to different needs and abilities, suggests modifications, and always motivates us. Still amazed that you figure out our strengths and weaknesses sitting kilometers apart 🙂

    Tanvi Mehta, Bangalore
  • I was a little skeptical about yoga classes online. But now that I have been attending Namita’s classes I can say that I absolutely love them and I am so glad I found her. Her sessions are amazing! She pays close attention to everyone- correcting postures, suggesting modifications. I would highly recommend practicing with Namita- not just as a form of physical exercise but as a whole package that supports your overall well-being.

    Harsha, Gurgaon
  • I have been attending Yoganama classes for few weeks now and I must say that they have helped me to improve flexibility and increase muscle and tone. Additionally I have practiced respiratory techniques and learnt how to remain in the present all the time. Overall fabulous experience. Thank you, Namita.

    Anudeep Sapra
    Former Banker / Educationist
  • Hi Namita, I’ve been following your videos on Cult.Live and I really love your approach and your clear instructions, especially what not to do. Just wanted to say Thank You! – Preetha



    Clarity goes a long way
  • Hello, Just wanted to say that you are an extremely good instructor. I just finished your session on Cult and the little tips and specifics you give makes the practice that much better. I used to coach school football once and I can tell a great coach and instructor when I see one and you’re great! Aynsley

    Precise Instructions
  • Namita, your techniques are too good. Earlier it used to very difficult for me to stay in camel pose, but today with your guidance and right technique I was able to hold for a long time without any difficulty. Thank you so much, feeling lucky to have you as a teacher


    Journey of yoga
  • I truly appreciate how you allay people’s concerns about their ability to perform a pose and reassure them about trying and not stressing themselves about perfection. The fact that you treat us all as equals is an authentic motivator. 


    Yoga is for everybody
  • Hi Namita, I attended one of your sessions on CultLive and after then, I have only attended your yoga sessions. You explain all the asanas and their benefits extremely well. This has brought me here and to your YouTube every day.  Keep up the good work. Best wishes to you!


    Easy Explanations

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