Hatha Yoga

Moderate Pace | Long Holds

About these classes

This is a moderate intensity Hatha Yoga Class which is great to de-stress and recharge the body and mind. In this class, there’s a greater focus on grounding and stillness. Postures are typically held for 5 to 12 breaths and the class concludes with Pranayama and/or Guided Meditation.

Hatha Classes give us more time in postures that test our mental and physical resilience. They help us process our thoughts and ideas and can be very helpful in problem-solving or achieving breakthroughs. They generate heat and increase the Earth and Fire aspect of our practice.

This program is suitable for most people, and even beginners will be able to keep up. It is good to have these props handy before the class, as we may use some of them:

2 Yoga Blocks,

1 Yoga Strap, or stole/dupatta,

A chair without armrests, or a stool,

Access to a wall or a steady surface.

In case you don’t have these props, don’t worry about it. I will share variations that you can do instead.

All levels
Every Tuesday
7 am to 8:15 am