Restorative Yoga

Slow Flow | Relaxing

About these classes

This is a relaxing, soothing yoga class good for post-workout recovery or to end a stressful week on a calming note.  This type of practice helps us strengthen the mind-body connection and prepares us for meditative practices. For this reason, it is excellent for stress management, to reduce anxiety, and to calm down the nervous system.

Restorative and Mindful classes aim to create stillness and serenity. They’re great to end a hectic day or week and help us rejuvenate and make time for both mental and physical rest. These practices are cooling and inspire the Water element as we hold deep stretches. When combined with meditation they enhance the Ether aspect of our practice.

This program is suitable for everyone including complete beginners, as it helps you destress and decompress physically and mentally. It is good to have these props handy before the class, as we may use some of them:

2 Yoga Blocks,

1 Yoga Strap, or stole/dupatta,

A chair without armrests, or a stool,

Access to a wall or a steady surface.

In case you don’t have these props, don’t worry about it. I will share variations that you can do instead.

All levels
Every Saturday
8 am - 9:15 am