Vinyasa Yoga

Dynamic | More Transitions

About these classes

This is a high-intensity dynamic yoga class that is invigorating and energizing. This style is suitable for morning practice and particularly helpful for those with anxiety. There’s a greater focus on fluid movement as we transition in and out of postures multiple times. Postures are typically held for 3 to 6 breaths and the class concludes with Pranayama and/or Guided Meditation.

Vinyasa classes involve rhythmic movement and bring fluidity to our bodies and minds. They enable us to disconnect from unnecessary thoughts that may overwhelm and drain us. They’re great for dispersing confusion and refocussing our energies. They enhance the Air and Fire aspect of our practice.

This program is suitable for people with some prior yoga practice as we move at a more dynamic pace. Beginners are welcome to join this class, but it may be challenging for the first few sessions. It is good to have these props handy before the class, as we may use some of them:

2 Yoga Blocks,

1 Yoga Strap, or stole/dupatta,

A chair without armrests, or a stool,

Access to a wall or a steady surface.

In case you don’t have these props, don’t worry about it. I will share variations that you can do instead.

Every Thursday
7 am - 8:15 am