What's your Ayurvedic Personality Type? Take the Dosha Quiz to find out - Go to Quiz
What's your Ayurvedic Personality Type? Take the Dosha Quiz to find out - Go to Quiz


Prasarita Padottanasana-Symmetry
Symmetry is visually appealing and we along with other creations of nature have learned to understand it over the eons of our evolution as something exceptional and good. It perhaps even represents a good genetic makeup and is favored in natural selection. Yet we break it every day.
Gravity Spine Yoga
Human spine is a formidable structure that rebelled against gravity and gave us the evolutionary breakthrough which no other creature of the planet has managed. Both spiritually and medically the spine has been much revered from Socrates to Hippocrates to modern science.
Leaf Spine
There is nothing that goes on in our body without the brain being involved and there is nothing that goes on in the brain without the spine being involved. Together they control all the functions of our body from the very first breath to the very last thought.
Recently I was at a family dinner with two adorable bumbling kids – the little girl was excitedly telling me all that she had learnt about respiration at school when suddenly her adorable younger brother bellowed at all the elders “elbows off the table please” – you see, he’d just learnt it in school. And...
Posture or Asana is how our body chooses to take up space in this world; in fact, in evolutionary terms it is our posture that first made us human. All life originated from one single celled ancestor swimming in the seas and somewhere along the way one life became many different animals and one of...