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Yoga essentially means Union and the ancients used it to refer to the practical application of any spiritual philosophy. There are various yogic systems that are mentioned in the scriptures, although asanas are the most well-known form of yoga today. Physical postures belong to the Hatha yoga school which promoted the practice of asanas as a preliminary practice for meditation. Like Hatha, there are many other schools of yogic philosophy which are mentioned in the scriptures. There’s Bhakti Yog for the naturally devoted, Karma Yog for those who’re active, Jnana Yog for the intellectuals and even Patanjali’s Raja or Ashtanga Yog which gives a systematic approach to meditation. I firmly believe in the traditional teachings of old masters and love to explore ancient books, ashrams, and literature to bring our experience and understanding of these to you. Read this section to learn about various forms of yogic practices, the philosophy behind and how to utilize them for spiritual progress.