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How To Manage Junk Food Cravings

How to manage junk food cravings

Cravings are a part of life, and they will always be there. They’re an indication by our body that something is missing, and it needs to be provided. It’s easy if we crave whole fruits and vegetables. Still, usually, we end up craving sugary, salty, processed foods with little nutritional value.

The problem with junk food is that it is tough to control ourselves from overeating. No one stops at one chip or one French fry. It tickles our taste buds, and we want more and more of it. That is why it is best not to have junk food around – out of sight, out of mind! But that’s often difficult, especially so during the lockdown.

So, here are some ways to check those cravings.

1. We all take unwanted trips to the kitchen to find something to satisfy our cravings. Instead of storing unhealthy snacks like chips and chocolates, chop some fruits in the morning and keep them in the fridge. The more accessible healthy food is, the more likely you are to have it when you’re hungry. Always look for healthy alternatives.

2. Most of the time, your mind confuses thirst with hunger or food cravings. So, drink a tall glass of water whenever you are hungry between mealtimes. You can also make some warm herbal tea to satisfy yourself. You will notice that the cravings eventually fade away, and you were just thirsty.

3. Stock junk food out of your sight. Choose hard to reach places either at the back of the bottom-most cabinet or high up on the topmost shelf behind everything else. Keep healthy alternatives like fruits, nuts, and water handy and closer to you. So, in case you are hungry, you grab what you see first.

4. You are more likely to binge on junk while watching Netflix or reading in your bedroom. Therefore, even if it sounds comforting, never keep junk food in the bedroom or living room. Instead, make junk less exciting by stocking it in unappealing places like next to detergent supplies. Do make sure it’s well sealed.

5. By eating directly from a packet of chips or sweets, you tend to consume more than you should. So, avoid eating straight from the package. Instead, serve yourself the bare minimum you need on a plate or a bowl. You can always go and replenish again if you need more. Following this tip will surely stop you from overconsumption.

6. Having a structure and plan for your day will make you productive and keep you busy. Keeping a daily diary to note down your tasks for the day is an excellent morning routine. A lot of times we eat out of boredom and to fill up idle gaps in our day. Therefore, you can avoid mindless eating by having a set routine.

7. A calm mind enables you to reflect on yourself and helps you live a mindful life. Do pranayama and meditation every day to regulate your hormone function and prevent food cravings. The regular practice of Yoga has the power to transform your eating habits significantly.

8. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to have a well-balanced body. Sleep deprivation disrupts the hormones and affects the appetite. It has been proven time and again in scientific research that sleep triggers junk food cravings.


Lastly, while all of the above should help, do enjoy your junk food when you’re eating it, don’t feel guilty. Do not deprive yourself of what you love eating. You don’t have to eat healthy every waking minute of your life. Practicing moderation is the ultimate solution to a well-balanced healthy lifestyle.


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