What's your Ayurvedic Personality Type? Take the Dosha Quiz to find out - Go to Quiz
What's your Ayurvedic Personality Type? Take the Dosha Quiz to find out - Go to Quiz



The opinion is a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Pursuing your passion sounds romantic and exciting, but the reality can differ widely from what you may expect.
Alo Yoga debate
This article with more comprehensive background coverage and related links is now available in Elephant Journal. Please click here to read that version. The Alo Yoga controversy has the entire Yoga community up in discussions. Dana, an activist yoga teacher who promotes yoga for all body types, is being sued by Alo Inc and Cody...
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As someone deeply invested in Indian Philosophy and Yoga when I first joined Instagram, I was fascinated by the surreal world of flying and floating yogis doing incredible things with their bodies. It was inspiring, aspirational and challenging. I soon connected with a variety of yoga practitioners – beginners, fitness buffs, traditionalists and even influencers...
Indian Desi Cow
From a conversation about dairy farms that gave me a deeper insight into the nature of these docile animals.
The news of Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka claiming to be a fighter as he was born a ‘Kshatriya’ on an issue of corporate governance has been a revelation . It’s unfortunate when a leader makes such statements, since already as a society we are suffering sufficiently under the misinformed definitions of the caste system. Clearly the...
Why I left the Sivananda Teacher Training Course at Neyyar Dam Ashram with-in five days