What's your Ayurvedic Personality Type? Take the Dosha Quiz to find out - Go to Quiz
What's your Ayurvedic Personality Type? Take the Dosha Quiz to find out - Go to Quiz


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Warrior Pose, Virabhadrasana

Five thoughts on International Yoga Day

It is International Yoga Day – a special and proud day for all Indians that celebrates a timeless practice. While our ancestors...

Story of Sage Galava and Madhavi

Sage Galava’s story is fascinating in the bizarre turns it takes so the Sage can fulfill his odd promise to his preceptor....
Alo Yoga debate

The Alo Yoga debate and lessons in it for us

This article with more comprehensive background coverage and related links is now available in Elephant Journal. Please click here to read that...

Is spirituality for losers?

Spirituality is not for losers, but it often loses because of them. The problem is not so much with spirituality but with...
Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata

The best books and translations of Mahabharata

Lately, my study of the Bhagavad Gita has been keeping me very occupied. The deeper I was getting into it, the more...
siddhasana, yoga

Hashtag Yoga: Three reasons we should stop criticising it

As someone deeply invested in Indian Philosophy and Yoga when I first joined Instagram, I was fascinated by the surreal world of...

What is Asamprajnata Samadhi

Two types of Samadhi described in the Yoga Sturas are Samprajnata and Asamprajnata. Both are states of corresponding to the eighth step...
Prasarita Padottanasana-Symmetry

Yoga and Influence of Symmetry on the Spine

Symmetry is visually appealing and we along with other creations of nature have learned to understand it over the eons of our...
Gravity Spine Yoga

Yoga and influence of Gravity on the Spine

Human spine is a formidable structure that rebelled against gravity and gave us the evolutionary breakthrough which no other creature of the...
Buddha-straight spine-nadi

Spiritual Spine and the Pranic Nadi System

Spine is a critical medium for the subtle body as it is the cornerstone of all spiritual development. It is considered a...
Leaf Spine

Physical Spine and the Nervous System

There is nothing that goes on in our body without the brain being involved and there is nothing that goes on in...

Yoga and Evolution of the Human Spine

Recently I was at a family dinner with two adorable bumbling kids – the little girl was excitedly telling me all that...
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